METRIC Launches An Interactive App To Promote Synthetica

After Björk’s Biophilia and Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP, it’s now METRIC’s turn to release its app-as-an-album concept. The band hopes to give fans the total mobile experience of the band’s newest musical release called Synthetica. In theory, the Synthetica app provides fans with a tool to mold and create their own interpretation of the music on the album by playing with the multiple sounds used to create it.

“The METRIC Synthetica app’s eleven interactive song experiences visually remix, filter, and sequence songs from Synthetica and Synthetica Reflections. In half the experiences, fans remix songs by painting pattern samples into sequencers embedded within the app’s 3D landscapes. Fans can change the instruments and their speeds, and turn tracks on and off to create their own METRIC-like songs and samples.

In the other experiences, fans remix songs directly through sliding finger gestures over warping surreal scenery, choosing audio effects from a palette that appears under their fingertip, and sliding their fingers around the screen to adjust the filters. Multiple finger gestures at the same time apply simultaneous effects.

The design of the app was inspired by the work of Superstudio, a late-1960s Italian architecture collective spearheaded by Cristiano Toraldo and Adolfo Natalini whose conceptual architecture promoted the harmony of people, nature and technology. METRIC was heavily inspired by Superstudio imagery during the writing of the Synthetica album.

This app is a collaboration between METRIC and award-winning app developer Snibbe Studio whose credits boast numerous interactive-visual-music apps including app albums for Björk’s Biophilia and the Philip Glass/Beck collaboration REWORK_.”

METRIC Launches An Interactive App To Promote Synthetica