Let innovation be

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The use of the words “innovation” and “disruption” should be taken more seriously from now on. Here’s why.


For tens of thousands of years before the 1700s, I could probably count on both of my hands the innovations that have truly affected the development of humanity and its principles. The evolution of women and men had followed a pretty direct line of progression since the time of the homo sapiens. All of this until the industrial revolution that started with the invention and refinement of the steam engine in the latter part of the 18th century. A few hundred years later came the burgeoning of the digital revolution with the conceptualization of antiquated calculators in the mid-1800s.


Since then, a lot of cool stuff has happened such as electricity, TVs, radio, telephones, video games, etc. To me, most of these latter inventions are only tiny steps towards what is going to happen to humanity in the next few years thanks to the emergence of the Internet a.k.a. the only other impactful innovation of the past one hundred years.


So when I hear the word innovation or disruption associated to products like the newest video game consoles, bigger screens on smartphones, voice controlled devices, cordless headphones, 99% of social networking apps, I cringe. Literally. I call death to the overuse of these two words. Let’s have respect for the creations that often take hundreds of years to reach consumers and hundreds of collaborating creators to refine.

Let innovation be

Verizon Wireless Challenges 4G LTE Smartphone Suscribers To Their 4G Throw-Down

It’s the 4G Throw-Down. Verizon traveled the nation to test its 4G LTE speed. Who will reign supreme? Find out how we fared against the competition.

In its pursoot to make its technology stand out from its competitors, Verizon has released this YouTube video. This video has a Verizon Wireless employee travelling to many cities around the United States to challenge people on the street to their 4G Throw-Down. This is the communications company’s strategy to prove consumers that their 4G LTE network is the quickest of any other company.

Verizon 4G LTE is the technology that will change the way you see wireless. Actually, it’ll change the way you see everything. Verizon 4G LTE provides wireless options for a previously wired world.

Verizon 4G LTE is lightning fast. Lightning strong. Think it, and 4G LTE will make it happen. Download movies in minutes. Songs and photos in seconds. Apps. Games. News. It’s what you want, when you want it. [Source]

If you are not convinced after watching these demonstrations, you can try the 4G Throw-Down out yourself by downloading the SpeedTest.net application in the Android Market.

Verizon Wireless Challenges 4G LTE Smartphone Suscribers To Their 4G Throw-Down

Myxer Social Radio Makes Listening To Music A Social Experience

In its pursoot to make listening to music a social experience through technology, Myxer Social Radio has launched its service. This Internet radio company provides you with a catalog of 200 millions streaming songs and features that allow you to share and listen to them with your friends.

Listen to great music with your friends.

Welcome to Myxer Social Radio, a mobile and desktop music service that evolves the way you experience music with friends.

Free. No hidden fees or monthly subscriptions

Invite your friends and listen to music together

Chat with your friends in real-time

Song Stories™ let you record what a song means to you and share it with friends
Music catalog of over 12 million songs

I’m not sure what problem this start-up solves but it is a cool service nonetheless.