Let innovation be

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The use of the words “innovation” and “disruption” should be taken more seriously from now on. Here’s why.


For tens of thousands of years before the 1700s, I could probably count on both of my hands the innovations that have truly affected the development of humanity and its principles. The evolution of women and men had followed a pretty direct line of progression since the time of the homo sapiens. All of this until the industrial revolution that started with the invention and refinement of the steam engine in the latter part of the 18th century. A few hundred years later came the burgeoning of the digital revolution with the conceptualization of antiquated calculators in the mid-1800s.


Since then, a lot of cool stuff has happened such as electricity, TVs, radio, telephones, video games, etc. To me, most of these latter inventions are only tiny steps towards what is going to happen to humanity in the next few years thanks to the emergence of the Internet a.k.a. the only other impactful innovation of the past one hundred years.


So when I hear the word innovation or disruption associated to products like the newest video game consoles, bigger screens on smartphones, voice controlled devices, cordless headphones, 99% of social networking apps, I cringe. Literally. I call death to the overuse of these two words. Let’s have respect for the creations that often take hundreds of years to reach consumers and hundreds of collaborating creators to refine.

Let innovation be

Nissan Launches Fitness And Wellness Campaign To Promote Nissan LEAF

In its pursoot to promote environmental sustainability and body wellness, Nissan has launched its newest campaign. The marketing campaign is called “Innovation For Endurance”. Many personalities in the world of sports and entertainment have been tabbed to deliver the message.

Through the Innovation for Endurance community, Nissan will be bringing you a whole new take on performance. We’re surfacing the best innovations and innovators in running, cycling, fitness, yoga, and wellness from across the country. We’ve put together a road crew that’s canvassing the U.S. to find the big and little ways that will help you take your performance to a whole new level. 

You’ll also get insider tips from elite runner Ryan Hall, cycling coach Chris Carmichael, cycling champion Levi Leipheimer, and yoga master Tara Stiles. And you’re an essential part of the Innovation for Endurance community – since you are an innovator too, we’ll be asking you to share your best ideas and insights.

This campaign has been cleverly applied through social media. Nissan wants its LEAF model to represent a positive vibe and to have a environment-friendly image. Actor Ryan Reynolds will surely help get the message through.

Nissan Launches Fitness And Wellness Campaign To Promote Nissan LEAF

Nissan’s Innovation Team Explains Rogue’s Around View Monitor

In its pursoot to sell vehicles on the back of their newly input technology, Nissan has unveiled this instructional video. The Nissan Innovation team explains the Rogue’s Around View Monitor that will help you park the car safely.

Parallel parking will never be the same. Invented by Nissan, Rogue’s Around View Monitor uses four cameras to give you a 360 view of your surroundings. A split-screen display combines a front or rear view with a side or overhead. See how this innovative feature really changes the way people parallel park.

Disclaimer: The Around View Monitor is a parking aid and cannot completely eliminate blind spots or warn of moving objects. Always check your surroundings before moving the vehicle.

I have seen this in action and it is a thing of beauty. Has there ever been an easier way to parallel park? Actually, yes there has.