Your Environment is a Product of You


Ever since I was a young boy, I have always been a dreamer. I always wondered why I never felt like I completely fit in one set environment. I was the kid that always imagined the world different than my reality – I’m sure that was the case for many kids. I dreamed of a parallel virtual world, similar to the kid’s show Reboot and its game cube.

Growing up, as I got more familiar with the world of entrepreneurship and startups, I realized technology was the answer to not only dream about that world but to create it around yourself. Today, I strongly believe in the power of technology to empower individuals and their dreams. A few years ago, it would have been impossible for the common person to dream up an idea, find the adequate capital (financial, human, etc.) and sell the resulting product to a large scale audience. With the advent of many technological advances, it is now a reality.

For example, let’s take a look at the e-commerce platform! Last year, I made one dream come true thanks to the Shopify platform: giving back to my country of origin of Haiti. I partnered with the Haitian tablet company Surtab to create much needed jobs and promote education in the country. This is definitely the most significant project I ever took on. Although most of the selling activities take place offline, the Shopify platform allowed me to see the power technology has on making love projects a reality.

There are thousands of emerging tools today that allow you to get things done for yourself, your community or society at large – see 3D printing, virtual reality, AI, social media, solar energy to name a few. In my opinion, the answer is in tech products and services. Their reach, scale and impact is like nothing we’ve experienced before.

We all have a thing or two we’d love to get done in our lifetime. Now is the best time to do so!

Needless to say: today, I dream lucid!

Your Environment is a Product of You

Hyundai Expresses Their “Clean Production Processes” With “Raindrops” Video

Expresses the “Clean production process”, water resources recycled within the Hyundai Motor plant, through detailed and exquisite paper art.

In its pursoot to show its social consciousness to its consumers. Hyundai has revealed the recycling process of the water used in its plant with a short graphical video. The South Korean automaker informs its community that it is applying clean methods to make their cars. This video is under Hyundai motto of “New Thinking, New Possibilities” and is entitled “Raindrops”.

Is Hyundai recycling water for us to notice or is it doing it for the environment? I know. Both…And tax cuts.

Hyundai Expresses Their “Clean Production Processes” With “Raindrops” Video

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: McDonald’s And Its California Seed Bomb Ad

McDonald's Seed Bomb Advertizement

McDonald’s X California Poppy Seed Bomb Ad

“Since the California poppy is the state flower, the legislature has protected the plant. It is illegal to pick, destroy, or dig up a California poppy. Any person caught picking, destroying, or digging up a California poppy runs the risk of being fined for breaking the law.”
PHOTO OF THE WEEK: McDonald’s And Its California Seed Bomb Ad

In its pursoot to follow suit on the greener transportation alternatives,

In its pursoot to follow suit on the greener transportation alternatives, Mazda has unveiled this informational and promotional video. Mazda is promising a higher efficiency gasoline engine and also a diesel engine for the North American market for the first time. They are introducing their brand new SkyActiv automatic transmission that will allow for 50% more fuel efficiency and 50% more torque for certain models.

Here is a review of this Mazda patented technology by


In his pursoot to own part of science-fiction history,

King Abdullah with Star Trek producers

In his pursoot to own part of science-fiction history, King Abdullah of Jordan has decided to make a very large investment in the family entertainment business. He has decided to start the construction of a Star Trek theme park. The attraction will come with a $ 1.5 billion price tag and will be built in the city of Aqaba. He is well-known to be a very big fan of the sci-fi franchise. The theme park is set to be eco-friendly as it will be 100% green-powered.

This. Is. Crazy. I’m no fan of Star Trek but this will be a must-see attraction no doubt. 


In its pursoot for a cleaner world, Mercedes-Benz

In its pursoot for a cleaner world, Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its new model cars. In an effort to make the streets a greener place, Mercedes-Benz has opted to make use of blue energy that relies on exploration of Coal Seam Gas (CSG). They are launching their Blue Efficiency campaign.

A whole fleet of these vehicles would indeed be neat. #GoGreenOrGoHome


The abstract concept was spatially interpreted by Tino Schaedler, into a futuristic urban environment that provided fifteen backgrounds for the print campaign and 2011 Mercedes Benz catalogue. Trained as an architect, Schaedler approached the design like a real existing urban organism, replete with a system of streets, bridges and high rise buildings. A dynamic and elegant architecture that represents the campaign’s conceptual approach of moving energy materializing into a unique environment.


In its pursoot to make their processes more eco-friendly,

In its pursoot to make their processes more eco-friendly, Sony has unveiled this informational video. Sony has launched a new program that aims to curb climate change. To do so, it hopes to curb climate change, to converse resources, to control chemical substances and to promote biodiversity. They call this environmental program Road To Zero.

The trend lately for most companies in all spheres of business is to go greener. Countries encourage companies to make the shift using different methods with varying results. Under international agreements, companies have to follow guidelines when it comes to business practices. Sony is one of many launching an eco-friendly program.

Follow-up on Sony’s Two Will commercial for their tablet: