Our generation is making history


I feel lucky to be a part of this generation and this time period. We are in a pivotal moment in the history of the world! This period in history is equivalent to the widespread use of tools by the early human, to the invention of printing by the Chinese in year 220, to the cusp of the industrial revolution in 1800’s, to the first conceptualization of the digital revolution in the 1800’s by Ada Lovelace. We’re currently building the tools of the 21st century and beyond!


I recently read a quote from the founding executive editor of Wired magazine Kevin Kelly that read as follows:

“If we were sent back with a time machine, even 20 years, and reported to people what we have right now and describe what we were going to get in this device in our pocket — we’d have this free encyclopedia, and we’d have street maps to most of the cities of the world, and we’d have box scores in real time and stock quotes and weather reports, PDFs for every manual in the world … You would simply be declared insane,” Kelly said.

“But the next 20 years are going to make this last 20 years just pale,” he continued. “We’re just at the beginning of the beginning of all these kind of changes. There’s a sense that all the big things have happened, but relatively speaking, nothing big has happened yet. In 20 years from now we’ll look back and say, ‘Well, nothing really happened in the last 20 years.” [Business Insider]


I believe this with the bottom of my heart. In the past 100 years, we’ve had to wait for the parallel developments of small but powerful enough microchips, a programming language, a functional operating system, a world wide network, an intuitive browsing interface for us to finally tap into the Internet as we know it today. But it’s just the beginning!


With the maturity of tech trends such as social networks, wearables, internet of things, mobile payments, etc., we’re slowly introducing the building blocks to a grander connected world. Technology is currently giving all of us very powerful tools to impact the world and change its course. And this generation and the next are the ones currently doing it!

Our generation is making history

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: The Digitization Of Records In The Healthcare Industry Started About 50 Years Ago!

In its pursoot to alleviate the health care industry’s burden with paperwork, IBM and other technological companies involved in health care have opted to make patient health records digital…50 years ago! I came across an article entitled “The “Miracle” Of Digital Health Records, 50 Years Ago” written by Steve Lohr in the New York Times. This is incredible!

“The bold predictions of the 1990s that the Internet would disrupt whole industries like retailing and media really did happen — about a decade later. For the information technology revolution in health care? Apparently, it’s 50 years and counting.” [Source.]

“The Obama administration is spending billions to accelerate the adoption of electronic health records, with incentive payments of more than $40,000 per physician over five years. By 2011, 34 percent of the nation’s doctors had adopted electronic health records, up from 17 percent three years earlier, according to a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” [Source.]

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: The Digitization Of Records In The Healthcare Industry Started About 50 Years Ago!

Nikon Introduces Its Brand New Nikon D4 Digital-SLR Camera

In its pursoot to introduce a new flasgship model camera, Nikon has announced the release of a new product. It is called the Nikon D4. The announcement came from Tokyo where the company is based. The D4 is the new flagship device when it comes to their line of digital-SLR cameras. This video explains the multiple features of their new photography innovative tool.

Nikon based development of the flagship D4 on the basic performance achieved with the D3 series, which has led the industry in imaging expression since its release. In addition to this high level of basic performance, a number of new functions and features were added in response to the needs and demands of professional and advanced amateur photographers, resulting in this next-generation digital-SLR camera that stretches the boundaries of functionality and performance with superior versatility.


Nikon keeps pushing the envelope with new and improved products. This model will be on hand at this year’s International CES in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nikon Introduces Its Brand New Nikon D4 Digital-SLR Camera

Proximiant Digitizes Your Receipts

In its pursoot to digitize the receipt, Proximiant has launched its revolutionnary service. It allows its users to obtain digital receipts when shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. It has many features such as providing you with customized coupons for deals.

Proximiant is secure and private. It utilizes the Near Field Communication (NFC) capability of your mobile phone to receive data from a Proximiant transceiver at stores. There’s no need to share your email address or other personal information with the store.
An intelligent algorithm is used to provide automatic information extraction from your receipt, so that receipts can later be searched by store name, dates or product keywords. And built-in labeling, sharing and reward inbox features takes Proximiant much beyond just a receipt app.

A couple of services like these have popped here and there. It is simply a question of market share now. Salespeople are going to have a lot on their plates now. A big of the success of this concept is also “education”. People don’t know these services exist.  This part is going to be very costly for companies.