METRIC Launches An Interactive App To Promote Synthetica

After Björk’s Biophilia and Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP, it’s now METRIC’s turn to release its app-as-an-album concept. The band hopes to give fans the total mobile experience of the band’s newest musical release called Synthetica. In theory, the Synthetica app provides fans with a tool to mold and create their own interpretation of the music on the album by playing with the multiple sounds used to create it.

“The METRIC Synthetica app’s eleven interactive song experiences visually remix, filter, and sequence songs from Synthetica and Synthetica Reflections. In half the experiences, fans remix songs by painting pattern samples into sequencers embedded within the app’s 3D landscapes. Fans can change the instruments and their speeds, and turn tracks on and off to create their own METRIC-like songs and samples.

In the other experiences, fans remix songs directly through sliding finger gestures over warping surreal scenery, choosing audio effects from a palette that appears under their fingertip, and sliding their fingers around the screen to adjust the filters. Multiple finger gestures at the same time apply simultaneous effects.

The design of the app was inspired by the work of Superstudio, a late-1960s Italian architecture collective spearheaded by Cristiano Toraldo and Adolfo Natalini whose conceptual architecture promoted the harmony of people, nature and technology. METRIC was heavily inspired by Superstudio imagery during the writing of the Synthetica album.

This app is a collaboration between METRIC and award-winning app developer Snibbe Studio whose credits boast numerous interactive-visual-music apps including app albums for Björk’s Biophilia and the Philip Glass/Beck collaboration REWORK_.”

METRIC Launches An Interactive App To Promote Synthetica

Nike Launches A Tool For Environmental Change – Making App

In its pursoot to deploy a revolutionary education tool for apparel designers and creators, Nike has launched Making, an app for environmental change. The sportswear giant has published Making to the App Store in order to “inspire designers and creators to make better choices in the materials they use.” Nike hopes to positively affect the less-than impressive sustainability numbers worldwide by making available the data in its open-source Environmental Design Tool database.

The retail behemoth even collaborated with the London School of Fashion to optimize the app’s data accuracy:

“It was incredibly insightful to use the data in Making while creating our designs,” says Alasdair Leighton-Crawford, a student at London College of Fashion. “The app helped us identify materials that have lower environmental impacts, without compromising the design process. Making shows that sustainability is not a limit, but an inspiring new way to look at product creation.” [Source]

Nike Launches A Tool For Environmental Change – Making App

IKEA Transforms Its 2013 Catalog Into An Interactive Platform

In its pursoot to change the way consumers interact with their marketing material, IKEA has turned its 2013 product catalog into an interactive platform. IKEA consumers were encouraged to download the IKEA Catalog app that would allow them to scan the pages of their 2013 catalog. This would enable the consumers to not only engage with the catalogue content but also unlock extra content through the scanning of the pages.

The engagement was increased according to EConsultancy:

  • Globally, the app was the number one downloaded marketing app for a brand in 2012 and the catalogue received three times the attention of the 2011 catalogue.
  • The revamped experience across print and app increased engagement significantly. Users spent an average of eight minutes with the app compared to three minutes with just the catalogue.
  • 6.2m installs.

Do you think augmented-reality consumer catalogs this will become an industry trend?

IKEA Transforms Its 2013 Catalog Into An Interactive Platform

The Launch Of The Volkswagen Golf R Drivers Forever iPad App

In its pursoot to provide its consumers with accessible and interactive information, Volkswagen has launched its brand new tablet application. Volkswagen has unveiled their iPad application to provide added media to their efforts to inform their drivers on the value of their Volkswagen Golf R vehicle. The app can be found in the App Store as the Golf R Drivers Forever app.

The Volkswagen Golf R Drivers Forever app gives you access to everything you wanted to know about the all-new 2012 Golf R. Told through the perspective of the Volkswagen fans, engineers and designers who brought this car to the US, this app highlights what makes the Golf R stand out. From the evolution of the Golf over the years to its vast Volkswagen enthusiast community, the app is filled with unique and exclusive interviews, articles and videos. This is one app all Volkswagen fans should drive away with.

• 2012 Golf R Brochure with tech specs, photo gallery and 360-view of the car 
• Fan testimonials and enthusiast stories
• Illustrated timeline highlighting the history of the Golf 
• Exclusive Golf videos, photos, interviews, and articles


This is a nice effort from Volkswagen to follow the trend of added media interactivity on mobility applications. This will also improve their reach to potential buyers.

The Launch Of The Volkswagen Golf R Drivers Forever iPad App

The Launch Of The Cloth App

In its pursoot to help its users organize their clothing outfits, the Cloth app was launched for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Cloth app allows you to grab photos of your favorite outfits and share them to friends. The Cloth app goes for 1.99$ in the App Store.

Cloth is an app for iPhone and iPod Touch that makes it easy to save, categorize, and share your favorite outfits. The app also lets you send your favorite outfits to this site, for us to post for the world to see. All the photos here were sent in by Cloth-ers.

The app can be a cool tool to have but the fact that the application is sold at 1.99$ on the App Store is insane. Anyone can organize their outfits in their phones in Photo files free of cost.


Mercedes-Benz Taps Into Augmented Reality Technology With A “New Experience In 3D”

In its pursoot to merge technological advances with the marketing of their new model cars, Mercedes-Benz has revealed this new app. This shows their Mercedes-Benz Accessory that gives its consumers a “New Experience in 3D”. They call it an Augmented Reality App.

Discover the Mercedes-Benz Fitnessbike and the C-Class MercedesSport
with your mobile device in a new perspective. Would you have trusted your first look?

How useful can this really be?


The New York Times Comes Out With New “The Collection” IPad App

In its pursoot to present its news and information in a more aggregate manner, The New York Times has unveiled this new app. This iPad app called The Collection will be free to download until Dec 31, 2011 and will later take subscriptions for access to the full service.

The Collection is designed with the fashion reader in mind. The navigation is entirely visual: Users scroll through a grid of thumbnails to pull up content in five different categories: News, Trends, Street, Runway and All. Thumbnails link to full-length news articles, blog posts, video interviews, street style galleries and complete footage of Spring/Summer 2012 runway collections, among other things. Items can be shared via Facebook, Twitter and email.

For our fashion adept readers.