Your Environment is a Product of You


Ever since I was a young boy, I have always been a dreamer. I always wondered why I never felt like I completely fit in one set environment. I was the kid that always imagined the world different than my reality – I’m sure that was the case for many kids. I dreamed of a parallel virtual world, similar to the kid’s show Reboot and its game cube.

Growing up, as I got more familiar with the world of entrepreneurship and startups, I realized technology was the answer to not only dream about that world but to create it around yourself. Today, I strongly believe in the power of technology to empower individuals and their dreams. A few years ago, it would have been impossible for the common person to dream up an idea, find the adequate capital (financial, human, etc.) and sell the resulting product to a large scale audience. With the advent of many technological advances, it is now a reality.

For example, let’s take a look at the e-commerce platform! Last year, I made one dream come true thanks to the Shopify platform: giving back to my country of origin of Haiti. I partnered with the Haitian tablet company Surtab to create much needed jobs and promote education in the country. This is definitely the most significant project I ever took on. Although most of the selling activities take place offline, the Shopify platform allowed me to see the power technology has on making love projects a reality.

There are thousands of emerging tools today that allow you to get things done for yourself, your community or society at large – see 3D printing, virtual reality, AI, social media, solar energy to name a few. In my opinion, the answer is in tech products and services. Their reach, scale and impact is like nothing we’ve experienced before.

We all have a thing or two we’d love to get done in our lifetime. Now is the best time to do so!

Needless to say: today, I dream lucid!

Your Environment is a Product of You

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