The Lexus Brand Combines Art And Digital in “Art Is Motion”

The Lexus brand wants to be synonymous with a hybrid concept of creativity and technology. Claiming to be the only vehicle brand using a hybrid propulsion system on all of their cars and hoping to promote that claim, they’ve released an art focused campaign called “Art Is Motion”.

The “Art Is Motion” campaign aims to be consistent with the Lexus brand by expressing a combination of genetics and experience. The particular project above is entitled “The Generative Identity of Walter Van Haerents” and is directed by generative artist Sergio Albiac.

“A car, a driver and an artist have started a truly unique experiment, that’s aim is to generate  the first portrait created by emotion rather than  by physical looks.

As the driver drives the Lexus IS 300h, sensors will collect information on speed, rpm and electric or petrol usage. These signals will then be translated by an onboard art server, creating an onscreen generative and constantly evolving portrait of the driver.”

Experience the whole “Art Is Motion” experience. Their website also measures interest of its visitors with a micro-conversion strategy as they allow you to place a virtual bid on their Lexus IS directly. Bidding, while non-legally binding, would assure yourself of an invitation to any eventual future auctions of the car.

The Lexus Brand Combines Art And Digital in “Art Is Motion”

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