Meet Nest Protect – Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm


Nest Labs, the startup company mostly known for its innovative thermostat, has released a new product. Introducing Nest Protect, its brand new smoke and carbon monoxide alarm! This device truly solves a need in many households. Ask yourself this question. How many times has your smoke detector gone off while you were simply cooking in the kitchen? If you enjoy cooking, then your answer is “often”. This makes safety enjoyable.

Let’s not forget this is an ad explaining the benefits of the product and not a live demo. It remains to be seen how effective this is. Check it out and comment us what you think!

Safety shouldn’t be annoying. The Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm quiets down when you wave – no more swinging towels or brooms – and messages your phone when its batteries run low. Nest Protect speaks with a human voice, telling you where and what the danger is, and gives you a friendly Heads-Up before turning on a loud alarm. 

CNET has uploaded a hands-on video with the Nest Protect in case you’re interested in knowing more about it. The alarm will retail for $129.

Meet Nest Protect – Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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