Lytro Helps You Learn The Basics Of Its Lytro Camera

In its pursoot to educate their potential buyers on the utilities of their new innovative product, Lytro has released this step-by-step video. Lytro is an innovative company in the field of photography that has created a technology that will allow photographers to take pictures first and adjust the focus second. This video helps you “Get To Know The Basics”.

One of the key pieces of information that sometimes is lost in traditional photography is a sense of depth in the captured scene. When you have taken pictures in the past, there may have been little thought put into where your subject of interest should be relative to the camera. As a result, you commonly would end up with images that made less of a distinction as to how close or how far anything was in the picture.

With the Lytro camera, we encourage you to really think about this concept of depth when taking your living pictures. Since the Lytro camera is allowing you to capture the direction of light, the result is adding this extra dimension of depth in every snap that you take. [Source]

It is rumored that this technology will be put in Apple’s new iPhone 5. It’d be a great tool!

Lytro Helps You Learn The Basics Of Its Lytro Camera

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