Nissan Launches Nissan LEAF Mobile Application

Helpful Apps For EV Owners

In its pursoot to provide mobile information to their customers, Nissan has had launched their mobile application for a couple of months now. This application helps you with the many different parameters about the Nissan LEAF’s battery. The application is called the “Nissan LEAF app” and is available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices. To be able to use their application, you will have to own a Nissan CARWINGS subscription.

The Nissan LEAF app is designed to help you manage your vehicle and control many frequently used features directly from your Android phone.

Nissan LEAF owners with an active CARWINGS subscription can control their vehicle through the app.

The app also provides a demo mode for Nissan LEAF enthusiasts to test the features.

With the Nissan LEAF app, you can:

-Check state of battery charge

-Start charging

-Check when battery charge will complete

-See estimated driving range

-Turn on or off the climate control system [Source]

The brand has also released a video last year explaining the utilities of the mobile application. It was entitled “The New Dashboard”.

Nissan Launches Nissan LEAF Mobile Application

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