TREND OF THE MONTH: Super Bowl Preview Commercials

In their pursoot to extend the reach of their exposure time as much as they can, many brands have opted to release previews and teasers of their Super Bowl commercials as part of their business strategy. Many brands have also decided to launch social media campaigns to increase the social buzz around their :30 second spots. This is a trend that has been increasingly popular in the last couple of years. Brands understand the power of social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and they attempt to leverage these popular websites to get the most exposure out of their huge investments. Stephen Dubner of Freakonomics discusses with industry leaders the worth of a Super Bowl ad for brands.

Everyone will be debating and discussing the best TV commercials during and after the Big Game. However, the brands that will come out winners of the Super Bowl sweepstake will be the ones that will have reached their target audience the best with complete internet and television campaigns. Game On! See a couple of the campaigns here:

Audi S7 “Vampire Party” Commercial

Chevy Sonic 2012 “Let’s Do This” Campaign

Honda CR-V’s Ferris Bueller “Day Off” Campaign

Cadillac’s “Green Hell” Commercial For Its ATS Model

H&M’s “David Beackham Bodywear” TV Commercial Debut

Skechers Introduces “Mr Quiggly” In Teaser Ad

Kia Motors’ Dreamy Adriana Lima Commercial

Volkswagen Invitation  To “The Bark Side” Campaign

TREND OF THE MONTH: Super Bowl Preview Commercials

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