YouTube Welcomes Tony Hawk’s The Ride Channel

In its pursoot to offer material on the industry of skateboarding, YouTube in collaboration with skateboard icon Tony Hawk has launched a new web channel. The YouTube channel will unroll 22 different shows over the course of the year to entertain skaters and to inform viewers on techniques that involve the skateboard industry including video production and photography.

Weekly shows featuring Tony Hawk, Jamie Thomas, Lance Krall, SLAP, Skatepark of Tampa, Mike Manzoori, Frank Black, Rob Brink, Erica Yary, Kevin Staab, Thurston Moore, Chris Cole, Stevie Williams, JT Aultz, Tom Delonge, Jeremy Klein, Ricky Oyola, Bobby Worrest, Amy Purdy, MGMT, Bam Margera, Cairo Foster, Kat Von D, Ben Harper, Rodney Mullen, Dinosaur Jr., Henry Rollins, Chris Pastras, and a host of others.

YouTube will win the television revolution for Google. Apple, Facebook or Yahoo don’t have the amount of material that Google already has embedded to their video service. How will they leverage that advantage is the question? Google TV is a start.

YouTube Welcomes Tony Hawk’s The Ride Channel

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