Facebook Offers Its Small Business Boost Program To Brands

In its pursoot to compete for companies’ advertisement money with other social media services, Facebook  has unrolled a new contest. The winners will win $10,000 in Facebook ad money. The marketing strategy called “Small Business Boost” hopes to attract brands by giving them free advertisement credits.

The group is rolling out a nationwide program to “invest, educate and connect with small businesses” by teaching them how to reach customers via the social media giant’s 800 million users, Facebook says. Beginning in January, Facebook will also launch Facebook Small Business Boost, where the site will award $10 million worth of free advertising to some 200,000 local businesses through $50 worth of ad credits each.


This announcement follows Twitter’s, Google+’s and LinkedIn’s new efforts to attract brands to their platforms.

Facebook Offers Its Small Business Boost Program To Brands

One thought on “Facebook Offers Its Small Business Boost Program To Brands

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