Louis Vuitton Celebrates The Charm Symbol

In its pursoot to give a meaning and a story to its iconic Monogram canvas, Louis Vuitton has released this short film. It is the story of an air-balloon that wanders in a strange world to find its way home.

From the very beginning, we have been adorning ourselves with charms for a multitude of incentives including luck, faith, identity, protection, origins and in more recent centuries for fashion. Queen Victoria was christened The Charm Queen for her love of charms. She made charm bracelets fashionable among the European noble classes in Victorian England and became renowned for encasing her wrists in a hoard of jewels, royal symbols and lockets.

Charms are personal icons often with a marked significance. They trace your path with you and can therefore become the memento of a journey. Louis Vuitton has been creating bag charms for more than ten years, many of which are collector’s items. For the occasion of the release of the elegant air balloon bag charm, inspired by the iconic Monogram canvas created in 1896, Christian Borstlap has imagined the adventure of this little collectable. A miniature version of a monogram trunk suspended from an air-balloon wanders through an unknown and ancient world in search of its home.

The charm has been an important symbol for the designer brand and Louis Vuitton is celebrating its meaning…in a trippy way yes but still.

Louis Vuitton Celebrates The Charm Symbol

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