Louis Vuitton Presents “Walking In Fabrizio Viti’s Shoes”, Part Two

In its pursoot to honor the methods of the Second World War and to explain part of its inspiration, Louis Vuitton has released a new doll-filled video. This short stop-motion film represents what helps spark the imagination of the designer brand’s shoe director Fabrizio Viti. This presentation was shown on the fashion company’s online magazine “New, Now”.

 Dolls are historically affiliated with the glamorous world of fashion and at Louis Vuitton today the shoe style director continues to gather inspiration from them.

“Step back in time to 1944, following World War II when due to a shortage of resources, the Haute Couture fashion houses of Paris created the Thêatre de la Mode. Imagine a spectacle of fashion in miniature, designed specifically for dolls but with all the exquisite detail and perfection of the regular collections.”
“Similarly, the shoe department at Louis Vuitton is inextricably connected to the sphere of dolls. Exactly the same workshop in Fiesso d’Artico, Italy, where the Louis Vuitton shoe collections are created is entrusted with the task of fabricating the parallel miniature versions for Fabrizio Viti’s private doll collection. The attention to detail is striking and in this short stop motion animation, his dolls and shoes come to life in another inspiring spectacle.”

I understand the intentions but this is a bit creepy to me. Part 1 is even more bizarre to me when the man himself talks about his passion for dolls.

Louis Vuitton Presents “Walking In Fabrizio Viti’s Shoes”, Part Two

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