T-Mobile Beats Apple’s iPhone 4S With SmartShot and SweepShot

In its pursoot to beat down the competition with the help of their offering smartphones, T-Mobile has released this action-packed video. T-Mobile boasts Android phones’ camera capabilities next to iPhone 4S’s in the format of an arcade competition. The name is “The Battle Of The Smartphone Begins”.

What starts out as a friendly video game duel between friends becomes a battle between their smartphones, The HTC Amaze 4G and the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S owner learns the hard way that its new camera can’t hold up to some of the killer camera features on the T-Mobile HTC Amaze 4G such as BurstShot™, SmartShot™ panorama and SweepShot™. 

The iPhone 4S is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

T-Mobile promotes the HTC Amaze 4G in front of the iPhone 4S. Its argument is better camera features. I know little people who actually buy a whole different phone stating “camera features” as the main characteristic. Let’s see if this fight get other rounds…