TOMS Releases Eyewear Collection For Vision-Impaired

In its pursoot to answer the question of the future for the company, TOMS has unveiled its new and additional focus. TOMS will now sell TOMS Eyewear as part of their “One For One Movement”. The socially-driven brand wants you to “Give Joy, Give TOMS.” this holiday season.

This Holiday, with your help and the help of our Giving Partners, TOMS will start restoring sight to many of the 284 million people around the world who are blind or visually impaired.

But giving a gift means more this season than new shoes or restored vision to people in need. To the people we help together, giving means independance, giving means education, it means protection and relief. And while it’s simple to quantify a gift. It’s impossible to measure the joy of returning these qualities to someone’s life.

This is your Holiday to Give Joy, Give TOMS.

Happy Holidays.

-your TOMS  family 

TOMS is very popular among young adults and children. Its mission has instilled good values to its brand image. The Holidays is the perfect moment to Give Joy. Join the movement!


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