Nikon Releases TV Commercial For Smart Nikon 1 Cameras

In its pursoot to stay ahead in competition with smartphone cameras, Nikon has released this international TV commercial on their channels. This :30 second ad promotes their Nikon 1 camera as one of the future that captures pictures before you fully click the shutter.

If you could see into the future, Nikon 1 is the camera system you would find.

Fast and portable, our quick and intelligent Nikon 1 cameras have been built from scratch to capture moments as they happen.

Able to start recording before you fully press the shutter button and continue after you’ve clicked, they deliver images you could never have imagined.

Camera makers can’t be particularly happy with the camera improvements now seen in smartphones these days, especially in the iPhone 4S. Nikon now stresses the fact that their camera is “smart” too. Not too sure about this one.


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