Nokia Releases Video For Lumia 710 As Part Of “The Amazing Everyday” Campaign

In its pursoot show the new features on its phones, Nokia has released this promotional video. The Nokia Lumia 710 has been made available for a couple of weeks already now. As a Windows Phone, it navigates under its operating system and interfaces. The name of their campaign is “The Amazing Everyday”.

Access a constant flow of updates from, Facebook and Twitter straight from the Start screen, meaning all your OMG’s are in one place so you’ll never miss a thing. Plus photos and laughter can be shared from pocket to Facebook in seconds. Super fast browsing means more www without the zzz. Look it up, like it, and buy it in seconds. 
Nokia maps are built in, and Nokia Drive will voice guide you turn-by-turn, to exactly where you need to be. Local scout functions mean you can discover new hidden gems, and will feel like a local anywhere.
Nokia Lumia 710 is knock, drop, and life proof, so fun is always guaranteed. It’s coloured backs are changeable so you can change your phone to suit your mood, the music, a new outfit, destination, or well whatever really.