Motorola Promotes Its MotoCast Technology for XOOM Tablet and RAZR Smartphone

In its pursoot to provide a solution for its customers with multiple of their devices, Motorola has released this explanatory video. This video promotes their MotoCast technology that allows you to stream any of the content on your desktop to your other mobile devices (Motorola Xoom 2 or Motorola RAZR).

If it’s on your computer, it can be on your phone or tablet. MotoCast™ is an app that allows you to stream or download content remotely from your home or work computer straight to phone or tablet. Available on the Motorola RAZR™ smartphone or Motorola XOOM™2 tablets.

This is not to be confused with cloud computing. It seems to be a spinoff of the cloud since the content is streamed and you decide to download it or not. None of the content is stored on a public server.