Giorgio Armani Unveils A Sizzling Megan Fox Commercial

In its pursoot to promote their aesthetics line, Giorgio Armani has released its newest promotional video on its page. This ad stars actress and model Megan Fox in Designer Lift by Giorgio Armani makeup.

The most unique, perfect, and precious fabric on earth is your very own skin. Which is why, with his Beauty range of makeup, Giorgio Armani continues to direct his attention to the very first thing a woman shows to the world: her face.

Forget everything you’ve ever thought about liquid foundation, because from today onwards, there’s Designer Lift. Created to fulfill the need of any woman who wants to put her best face forward every day, Designer Lift guarantees skin that’s supported, nourished and luminous. For a face that looks polished, and yet utterly natural.

And for those who think that Hollywood glamour is a thing of the best, the face of the Armani Beauty range, actress Megan Fox, should convince you otherwise in this special video. With its sultry jazz music and Megan’s loose, tumbling curls, the feel of this short film may be retro – but the makeup she’s wearing is absolutely revolutionary.

And as everything Armani does, great attention has been paid to details. What sets Designer Lift apart is not only its inimitable, “stretch” texture and featherweight lightness, but just the barest hint of Prussian blue pearliser that brings out the perfect balance of every skin tone.

Like with style, beauty that appears simple and effortless is often the hardest to achieve. And like pulling of any look, it’s important to feel comfortable with what you’re wearing. And since our skin the one thing we all wear every day of our lives, why not give it the absolute best?