Nissan’s Innovation Team Explains Rogue’s Around View Monitor

In its pursoot to sell vehicles on the back of their newly input technology, Nissan has unveiled this instructional video. The Nissan Innovation team explains the Rogue’s Around View Monitor that will help you park the car safely.

Parallel parking will never be the same. Invented by Nissan, Rogue’s Around View Monitor uses four cameras to give you a 360 view of your surroundings. A split-screen display combines a front or rear view with a side or overhead. See how this innovative feature really changes the way people parallel park.

Disclaimer: The Around View Monitor is a parking aid and cannot completely eliminate blind spots or warn of moving objects. Always check your surroundings before moving the vehicle.

I have seen this in action and it is a thing of beauty. Has there ever been an easier way to parallel park? Actually, yes there has.