Audi Explains Interaction Of Energies For Urban Future Initiative

In its pursoot to give exposure to their next international social summit, Audi has unveiled this graphic video. In the context of the Audi Urban Future Summit 2011 that will take place in Frankfurt, Germany, Audi hopes to explain the use and the importance of their summits. As part of the Audi Urban Future Initiative, Audi wants to explain the interaction of the different energies that make a large city.

Energies of Data | There will be an exchange of data between people, automobiles and architecture. Alongside the architectural space, a completely new space will be defined: a data space. As a result of this, the automobile will change fundamentally: the driving machine will become a viewing machine. This means that the occupants of a vehicle will be able to perceive their urban surroundings in a completely different way, regardless of whether the automobile is in motion, or must stop or brake.

Energies of Social Relations | A new era of communal mobility will make it possible for conurbations and ecological systems to coexist, thus enabling the sustainable growth of megacities. The combination of Internet appliances and social networks will also characterize new patterns of thinking in individual transport.

Energies of Resources | Can the automobile and the home in future be supplied by the same flexible energy storage, instead of being dependent on static supply systems? Decentralized and mobile energy storage schemes are contrasted with a central, static supply. With “Balanced Mobility” Audi has already initiated a pilot project that is unique in the automobile industry in the endeavor to achieve CO2-neutral mobility that is sustainable and conceived in holistic terms.

Food for thought. This is all nice and dandy theoretically, but how applicable is this model in real life? We are light-years away from this concept being effective. These summits are a good start though. Kudos to Audi.