Jawbone Introduces New “The Up” Bracelet And App As Lifestyle Devices

In its pursoot to provide a lifestyle technology, Jawbone has released its new apparel. Its new device called The Up keeps the pulse on your sleeping, exercising, movement habits, etc. Jawbone released a promotional video for their wristband: http://youtu.be/GiC8QR_oHhk

Here are the fine details of the device that needs The Up app to work as designed.

The Up, Jawbone’s first foray into devices that aren’t Bluetooth headsets or speakers, goes on sale Nov. 6 for $99 at all Apple, AT&T, Target and Best Buy stores. It syncs with Jawbone’s Up app for iPhone (an Android version is in the works) via an audio jack hidden under that silver cap at the end. It also charges via the audio jack, which you’ll need to plug into a USB connector every ten days or so.

The Up will also track your movements throughout the day. It’ll capture all the little moments of exercise you don’t think you’re getting, as well as your deliberate workouts. One Up product team member, for example, was surprised to note a half-hour of vigorous walking had been logged during his work day — when he was pacing back and forth during a conference call.

The Up app also encourages you to track your eating habits by taking photos of food. It won’t ask you to estimate calories, but it will ask you how you feel a couple of hours after eating. Energetic? Lethargic? Regretful? Tie it together with the exercise and sleep patterns recorded by the app, and you have a comprehensive system for tracking three of your most important health statistics.

I’m skeptical about the social sharing facet of this device. Will people be attracted to this bracelet?