Hip Hop Artist Panama Spits Jay-Z Classic For Rocawear Rejuvenation

In its pursoot to position themselves in the mainstream urban scene, Rocawear has revealed another video of its series. The “Jay-Z brand” is in the middle of its That’s rocawear campaign that celebrates the history of hip hop with new and upcoming artists. This one stars Panama.

Born in Brooklyn to Panamanian parents, hip hop artist, actor and entrepreneur, Panama has overcome struggles of a broken household and learning to live on his own during his teenage years in Baltimore. He managed to jump start his acting career by being cast in a much coveted role on HBO’s The Wire Season 4. The recurring role allowed him to gain exposure in the acting world, but also allowed him to cut his teeth in hip hop, taking any time not shooting to hit local ciphers and recording studios, battling his way until he was heard.

Talented kid.