In its pursoot to celebrate its athletes’ seasons,

In its pursoot to celebrate its athletes’ seasons, Head Tennis has uploaded this video. This stars some of the biggest athletes on the tennis tours such as Djokovic, Murray and Sharapova among others. It has them thanking the tennis maker for creating custom-made rackets tailored to their games. The ad is called The Power Of You.

“It has been a fantastic year for the HEAD players on tour in 2011. We have seen powerful performances, close fights and strong wins – HEAD is proud to be partnering with these great athletes! 
Check out the video to see what they have to say about this partnership, the role of their racquets and what ‘The Power of You’ means to them.”

Based on personal experiences, Head makes pretty impressive rackets.

Follow-up on Djokovic imitating Sharapova for Head Tennis: