In its pursoot to help users with their voice performance,

In its pursoot to help users with their voice performance, Vocalytics has been launched. This Dublin-based company hopes to help the users of their products to improve speech and voice control. Here is a list of their current developing projects:

PaceRecoder is the first application to be engineered and designed by Vocalytics. It is primarily a voice recording tool for professionals that monitors your pace. We have designed it to easily record + playback important presentations complemented by our unique Voice Pace indicator.

SpeakAdvisor brings the full compliment of Vocalytics voice improvement technology to the mobile platform. It allows us to record and analyse our important voice communication with enhanced parameters for pace, hesitation + intonation.

SpeakAdvisor+ (Cloud) is the full realisation of the Vocalytics vision for individual voice improvement. The Web experience will allow for more visually impressive in-depth analysis and evaluation of your voice improvement in a familiar environment for peer reviewing and professional advising.”