In its pursoot to promote their brand new outing,

In its pursoot to promote their brand new outing, 2K Sports has released another of their debate ad for their NBA 2K12 video game. This one has music superstar Drake and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban debating on the identity of the greatest NBA team of all-time. Drake has the current Miami Heat while Mark Cuban goes with his 2011 NBA champions.

“Mark Cuban & Drake debate who the greatest NBA team of all-time is. Drake argues The Miami HEAT haven’t hit their prime and will win countless championships! Cuban has an argument that needs no words – the 2011 NBA Championship. Think they’re wrong? Prove it: Submit a video at and join the #NBA2KDebate on Twitter. It’ll allow you to End the Debate.”

Both arguments are so poor I can’t comment. None of these two teams are in the running for the greatest team of all-time. Though the Miami Heat could get there eventually.

Follow-up on Brian Wilson and Drake debating the G.O.A.T: