In its pursoot to present their new collection,

In its pursoot to present their new collection, Rocawear has unveiled this promotional video. The Jay-Z brand is making a move to the mainstream market with this That’s Rocawear video series campaign. Jamie J and Co. star in this one.

“Jamie Jackson is a New York native, born and raised in Brooklyn. He has been dancing since the age of 5 and got his break as a choreographer at the age of 11 when he did some work for the block-party in his neighborhood. After finding Broadway Dance Center, Jamie returned to his first love – dance and has had the opportunity to choreograph for the “Let’s Dance” video, mini tour for Hezekiah Walker and a BET Janet Jackson Tribute to name a few accomplishments.”

This one’s just ok.

Follow-up on That’s Rocawear video of entertainer Affion Crockett: