In its pursoot to stay ahead of the social media field,

In its pursoot to stay ahead of the social media field, Facebook has unraveled this video informing its users of the changes made to their site. The features allow the users to selectively choose what they want to read and who they want to share their information with.

The first change is designed to make it possible to see all the big events in your friends’ lives since the last time you checked your feed, regardless of whether it’s been three minutes or three weeks. “News Feed will act more like your own personal newspaper,” Facebook says in a blog post.

The second change affects how photos are displayed in the News Feed. Simply put, photos will be larger and more prominent. This was one of the top user feature requests. The goal was to bring photos front and center and make them even more beautiful.

The final update Facebook is rolling out is the addition of a news ticker above the chat column on the right-hand side. The ticker, which the social network has been testing with a small group of users for the past few weeks, is a real-time feed of all the activity happening in your social graph. Unlike the News Feed, which focuses on the past, ticker focuses on present activity. Essentially, it replaces the function of the “Most Recent” section of the News Feed.

This definitely looks like Mark Zuckerberg has spent a good amount of time on Google+. These new features need to be explained for users to be quickly acquainted with them because Google+ has done a poor job. Let’s see what Mark has up his sleeves after the f8 conference this week. Music industry revolution? *ears perk up*