In their pursoot to introduce a new concept technology,

In their pursoot to introduce a new concept technology, Peugeot has unveiled this video to increase their exposure. The French car maker is introducing the “World’s First Diesel Hybrid” with a unique energy distribution system. The concept model car is called the Peugeot HX1.

Peugeot says its goal with this concept car was to create a conveyance for six passengers that uses plug-in hybrid technology and can still deliver sporty performance while maintaining fuel efficiency. The French carmaker is getting creative with this concept, with 2.2-liter HDi diesel “Hybrid4″ technology consisting of a diesel engine powering the front wheels while an electric motor powers the rear wheels.

It’s a somewhat simpler method of delivering plug-in hybrid power, unlike hybrids such as the Toyota Prius and Honda Civic hybrid which use a combination of an electric motor and internal combustion engine applied at the same time on the car’s front wheels

This is a sweet car but unfortunately not up for production/distribution.