In its pursoot to celebrate its history,

In its pursoot to celebrate its history, Converse has unveiled this commercial. It celebrates the actors that participated to the development of what the brand represents today. The commercial is called History Made And In The Making. The song accompanying the visuals is rightfully called Build. Destroy. Rebuild.” by Hanni El Khatib.

Our latest commercial, called “History Made and In The Making”, is a celebration of all the people who have made Converse what it is today. It is a movement. It is a massive procession of the past, present and future, with independence as the gale force tailwind.

 Converse has gone through so much branding and rebranding from basketball shoes to rock fashion through skateboard wear and lifestyle sneakers. All of this is part of their rich history.

Follow-up on Converse’s partnership with Art of Board for Coastal Carnage: