In its pursoot to change the place of technology in fashion,

In its pursoot to change the place of technology in fashion, EletricFoxy has unveiled this interview. This showcases the existence of the Printing Dress that was developed by Microsoft employees at the Microsoft Research Lab in Washington. This dress allows you to input text that will be shown on the paper surface of the dress. It gives your social life an impact on what you wear: “We are what we tweet”.

The “Printing Dress” is an artistic piece that explores the notion of wearable text and its potential impact on the future of fashion, as well as our social identity. Built almost entirely of paper, the dress enables the wearer to enter “thoughts” on to its fabric and wear them as public art. While constructed from materials of the past, the dress looks towards the future with a message indicating that we are entering into a new realm of social accountability, where you literally wear what you tweet.

The technology on there is amazing. I could see Lady Gaga wearing this but I don’t feel like this will be a common thing in the fashion industry. It will definitely stay a concept dress in my opinion. It can not be the dress of the future.