In their pursoot to revolutionize the bicycle industry,

In their pursoot to revolutionize the bicycle industry, Toyota Prius in collaboration with bicycle maker Parlee have designed this concept bike. This prototype bike has the ability to shift gear on brain command. The helmet has a built-in technology that can pick up the brain waves through receptors to make it shift gears without physical manipulations. 

Toyota reached out to Parlee Cycles and Deeplocal to build an aero-road bike imbued with the same forward-thinking that went into the design of the Prius. Benefitting from a monocoque carbon-fiber frame, built-in smartphone dock, countless wind-tunnel-tested aerodynamic tweaks and its unprecedented mind-powered shifter, the PXP concept bike has emerged as a purpose-built machine that blends the simple with the complex to become a better and more efficient version of itself.

Ok. This is the creme-de-la-creme of bicycles. You will probably only find this in limited quantities in high-end bike shops. This bike prototype is crazy nice though.